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Man and woman happy about insuring themselves against the unexpected with income protection.Many of our customers share a common story—they were unsure what income protection was and if they even needed it. But, when the unexpected happened—they were thankful for their benefits. Read their stories below.

Understanding the value of income protection

“You have to insure your paycheck to survive. It’s critical for your livelihood.”

When Gary Schaub bought DI insurance he thought, 'why am I buying this insurance? I'll never use it.' What he couldn't have expected was that a fall off his horse would render him unable to run his business for several months. Read more about Gary's story (PDF)

“We’ve got huge overhead. The checks from Principal keep the hospital running and everybody on the payroll. It’s kept us going.”

Keith Merritt had the foresight to purchase Overhead Expense insurance from Principal to protect his equine veterinary hospital if something happened to him. The insurance benefits were there for him after he suffered a debilitating back condition which severely limited his ability to run the business. Read more about Keith's story (PDF).

 “I used the benefit payments for everyday living expenses. After all, savings only go so far when you have hospital bills coming in and the other expenses of raising a family.”

With a family to care for, a severe injury to Kevin Hope's back that didn’t allow him to return to work for six months would’ve been devastating. Fortunately, Kevin had DI insurance from Principal, which as he said was, "the greatest purchase I ever made." Read more about Kevin's story (PDF).

What will your story look like?

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Disability insurance has limitations and exclusions. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your local representative.

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