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Larry Zimpleman and Elizabeth Tallett

Excellent corporate governance has been an important part of The Principal's heritage and success for 134 years. Effective independent oversight of management and company operations ensures that the organization is well governed.

Elizabeth E. Tallett
Principal, Hunter Partners, LLC / Presiding Director, Principal Financial Group

A Message from the Board of directors

Your board of directors is active, engaged and takes its role very seriously. We meet face-to-face five times each year, including a strategic retreat with senior management. Additionally, various board committees meet regularly to stay informed, collaborate and provide counsel.

The responsibilities of the board's committees are described in the Proxy Statement and include these examples:

  • Pay practices and executive compensation. The Human Resources committee annually evaluates and determines executive pay practices and compensation, using a third-party consultant to help ensure best practices. Executive compensation includes annual base pay and incentive pay, as well as long-term, performance-based compensation.
  • Financial management. The Finance Committee meets several times each year to review company policies and practices related to capital management, investments and financial plans and projections.
  • Social responsibility. In 2012, the charter of the Nominating and Governance Committee was expanded to include the review of environmental and corporate social responsibility matters.

Principal Financial Group Board of Directors
  1. C. Daniel Gelatt
    President, NMT Corporation
  2. Gary E. Costley
    Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, International Multifoods Corporation
  3. Jocelyn Carter-Miller
    President, TechEd Ventures
  4. Betsy J. Bernard
    Past President, AT&T
  5. Luca Maestri
    Vice President and Corporate Controller, Apple, Inc.
  1. Richard L. Keyser
    Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, W.W. Grainger, Inc.
  2. Sandra L. Helton
    Past Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Telephone and Data Systems, Inc.
  3. Larry D. Zimpleman
    Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Principal Financial Group
  4. Elizabeth E. Tallett
    Principal, Hunter Partners, LLC
  1. Michael T. Dan
    Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Brink's Company
  2. Dennis H. Ferro
    Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Evergreen Investment Management Company

For more information on the Principal Financial Group Board of Directors, read the bios on the Investor Relations site.


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