Principal® and the Principal® Foundation offer COVID-19 relief

Together, we can get through anything. Principal and the Principal Foundation are committed to helping families and businesses build and protect their financial security.”

Dan Houston, chairman, president and CEO of Principal and Principal Foundation Board Member

$25 million+ in support available to customers and communities

Principal Financial Group® and the Principal Foundation have launched community-based COVID-19 relief efforts to directly assist those impacted by the crisis. Principal has temporarily extended grace periods for premiums and is waiving fees for hardship loans and withdrawals for customers affected by COVID-19.1

Together, these efforts are projected to total more than $25 million2 in support of individuals, families, communities, and businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

Read our announcement about our COVID-19 relief efforts.

The Giving Chain

The Giving Chain, led by Principal® Community Relations, has provided nearly 51,000 meals to individuals and families in more than 34 communities globally (and still counting)—all sourced from and in collaboration with 34 local businesses and 80 charitable partners.

We kicked off The Giving Chain in Des Moines, Iowa, our global headquarters, where we delivered more than 18,000 meals and 3,000 activity kits from 20+ local businesses. By teaming up with local nonprofit organizations, this initiative was able to get meals to people in our community who needed help.

Help us keep the chain going or start your own. Here’s a list of charity partners and businesses we've worked with. Choose one on the list, or pair up your own local business and charity partner.

We’re glad we can do it—we are very thankful to be open and taking care of our customers. Truly glad we could join The Giving Chain and help the community in this time.”

John Ferguson, vice president, B-Bop's

It is truly my pleasure to help in any way that I can, as a Principal employee and small business owner, I’m glad to join The Giving Chain.”

Jeff Rotert, owner, JeffEPop

Keep The Giving Chain going

  1. Buy meals or goods from a local business you’d like to support.
  2. Give the purchase to community members who’ve been impacted by the virus.

Share how you’re giving back during COVID-19 using #TheGivingChain and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.4

Buy local. Give local. Some ideas:

  • Buy coffee from your favorite local coffee house and donate it to a shelter.
  • Shop online from your favorite local T-shirt company. Make homemade T-shirt grocery bags for your local food bank for food deliveries.
  • Buy a meal from your favorite local restaurant and send it to social service staff working the front lines.
  • Order a gift card from a local gas station and send it to an elderly care provider to help their staff pick up meals for those who can’t leave home.
  • Call your local meat or vegetable vendor to purchase meat or fresh vegetables for a local nonprofit delivering food.
  • Have grocery boxes delivered to those in need from your local favorite ethnic, vegetarian, or dietary need specialty store.

Want to join The Giving Chain but can’t find a local nonprofit?

Try a worldwide foundation like United Way and find an organization to help in your area.

Looking for a small business to support?

Start with your local U.S. Chamber of Commerce or the International Chamber of Commerce.


I was absolutely floored to know that Principal would make it a priority to buy local from my business, recognizing the support we’ve given to the community in the past. And it’s more than just supporting us. It’s circulating that dollar back to nonprofits, which has a huge impact on the community.”

Christina Moffatt, Crème Cupcake + Dessert

Oakridge is thankful for The Giving Chain launched by Principal. By supporting the needs of individuals and families through the purchase of goods, services, and products required to meet their needs, Principal has created a win–win. Families win. Businesses win. And our community and economy wins. Thank you, Principal.”

Teree Caldwell Johnson, CEO, Oakridge Neighborhood

This global pandemic has threatened the life of small businesses in unprecedented ways—including LifeStyle Juices. We’ve worked hard to keep our doors open during this time. The support of Principal means so much. It’s supporting a dream and passion of mine, but also bringing healthy immune boosting juice to our community in a time its most needed.”

Tina Turner, co-owner, Lifestyle Juices

Thank you for partnering with us. We’re really excited—especially our ladies who are having a tough time with groceries.”

Keisha Meissner, executive director, Beacon of Life

1 Principal is complying with states that require longer grace periods and payment extensions for past due premiums.

2 Total includes projected future costs of customer concessions related to fee waivers, premium payment period extensions, premium increase deferrals, and other cost adjustments in addition to philanthropic giving from Principal Financial Group and the Principal Foundation as of April 16, 2020.

3 Donations can be tax deductible in the United States. Outside of the United States, the tax effect is determined by what a donor’s or grantee’s tax authority is. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to tax and accounting obligations and requirements.

4 When sharing be sure to not include information that would be deemed personally identifiable.  Existing restrictions would apply on donating to pacs and other similar orgs. Existing business unit gifting policies still apply (donations of more than $100 to a client would have to logged). 

Principal Community Relations has a focus to build financial security in communities where Principal Life Insurance Company operates. Insurance products and plan administrative services provided through Principal Life Insurance Co., a member of the Principal Financial Group®, Des Moines, IA 50392.

The Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc. (the “Principal® Foundation”) is a distinct, not for profit, undertaking separate from the Principal Financial Group, Inc. (“Principal”). The major focus of the Principal Foundation is to build financial security in the communities where Principal operates. The Principal Foundation has $200M assets under management and directs its returns to helping people learn, earn, and save. While the Principal Foundation receives funding from Principal, the Principal Foundation is an independent organization. The Principal Foundation does not practice any form of investment advisory services and is not authorized to do so.

B-Bops, JeffE Pop, Crème Cupcake, Oakridge Neighborhood, XO-LP, Lifestyle Juices, Beacon of Life and associated named individuals are not an affiliate of any company of the Principal Financial Group, nor of the Principal Foundation.

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