Is the next generation prepared to overcome financial hardship?

Many young adults are encountering major financial obstacles — but see a bright future ahead.

The Principal® Foundation YouthCan Initiative Research

The Principal® Foundation conducted a study to uncover the financial struggles and headwinds facing young people, ages 15 to 36, in the United States. With a special view on low- to moderate-income individuals, this survey of 2,400 young respondents will help the next generation earn and save for their financial futures.

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Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Financial crises can strike early.

Financial crises can strike early.

54% of young people say they’ve already hit financial rock bottom.

Leading factors include depression, job loss and student loan debt.

Debt can be overwhelming.

Young people can find themselves overcome by debt before age 30.

1 in 5 young people feel overwhelmed by debt.

For many, a good credit score is more important than saving. They are picking up significant debt through credit cards, student loans, and car loans.

Young people are hopeful for their future, despite challenges.

Young people are hopeful for their future, despite challenges.

4 of 5 young people are optimistic about their long-term financial future.

Young people have goals in mind. They hope to improve their finances by paying off debt, increasing savings, and working side hustles.

Young people say that they believe with hard work, they can reach their financial goals.

Reach young people before troubles arise.

Feeling of optimism and resiliency drop significantly as low-to moderate-income young people age.

With practical, just-in-time solutions, we can help young people to overcome barriers to lifelong financial security. The first step is understanding—the next is action. Will you join the effort?

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