Waste less, save more: How to reduce your spending

Family saving money by cooking dinner at home.

Wondering where all your money goes? Check out these tips for reducing spending, and you may even see a boost in your bank account balance.

Make a list

We’ve all done it—went to the store for 1 item, and left with 10. Here’s a five-step approach to shopping that could help you come home with only what you need.

Enjoy dining in

Eating at home can be cheaper. Bring in the restaurant experience by cooking with family and friends, setting the table, and enjoying the conversation.

And you can maximize what you buy with these tips for wasting less food, like making a smoothie with leftover fruit.

Get outside

Help your commuting budget by biking or walking to work when possible. Or, cut costs by using public transportation or carpooling. When you need to drive, use apps like GasBuddy to help you find the lowest-priced gas in your area. 

Save energy

Reducing your energy and water use not only saves money, but also is good for the environment. Further minimize your impact on the Earth by recycling or reusing materials at home, work, or school.

Keep an eye on fees

Almost everything has a fee these days. If you can avoid them, you can save yourself a lot of money. Here are some tips to help you avoid fees, on everything from ATMs to air travel.

Using auto payment can also help you avoid late payment fees and keep your payment history in good standing.

Tackle debt

Interest—especially on credit cards—can take a big bite out of your income. Create a plan to start chipping away at your debt and the extra costs it brings.

Turn these tips into habits

Reducing your spending and resource use doesn’t take much effort, but can make a big impact on your finances over time.

Simplify your finances

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