Saving at every stage: Tips for your family’s financial plan

Grandfather and daughter playing at the kitchen table.

Families take on many shapes and sizes. But we all have one thing in common—the need for a solid saving plan.

These tips can help you spend (and save) smarter, no matter where you’re at in life.

Saving while single

Whether you’re starting your first job, recently divorced, or happily navigating life solo, saving when you’re single requires a specific strategy. From building an emergency fund to saving for retirement, here are 5 budgeting tips to live by.

Coupling up

Money is often a tricky topic in relationships. Discussing your individual financial goals—and figuring out how you can incorporate them into one saving plan—can help you get on the same page. Once you have a plan, consider these money-saving tips for couples.

Getting married? Start your union on solid financial ground by taking these 5 financial steps before you say “I do.”

Expanding your family

Children are wonderful—but they’re not cheap. Food, clothing, health care, and countless other expenses add up quickly. Prepare for the joys—and costs—of parenthood with these tips.

Starting a college fund? Remember to keeping saving for retirement, too. Find out how to balance both.

Caring for loved ones

Taking care of elderly parents or family members can be challenging—especially when it comes to discussing money. But you’ll protect their finances, and likely your own, if you have the conversation sooner rather than later.

Planning for the future

Saving for retirement should be a top priority at any age and stage of life. It’s never too early—or too late—to plan and save for your retirement dreams.

Enjoying the present

Saving doesn’t mean you can’t focus on enjoying your money now. It’s just a matter of spending wisely, rewarding yourself when you can, and remembering that your most valuable asset is the people you love.  

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