Get your budget back on track: Simple ways to save more

Woman looking up information on her computer about budgeting.

From vacations to nights out with friends to everything in between, it’s easy to spend beyond your budget.

Feeling the need to get your savings plan back on track? These simple tips can help you save more.

Review your budget

Start with a quick review of your budget. You’ll likely find that making a few simple adjustments can get you back on track.

In fact, saving more might be easier than you think. Here’s how you can save $100 a month.

Avoid credit (without hurting your score)

Giving your credit cards a rest can help you save. If a purchase doesn’t work within your (newly adjusted) budget, don’t buy it. Here’s how to keep your credit score in good standing while you take a break from plastic.

Eat in

If you dine out often, try making meals at home to cut costs—and possibly calories, too. Set a grocery budget (and make a list before you go shopping) so you only buy exactly what you need.

Control your splurges

We all like to treat ourselves. But purchasing too many “wants” instead of “needs” can do a number on your budget. Using the 30-day rule and other tips can help keep unnecessary spending under control.

Look for deals

When you do need to make a few purchases, it always feels great to find the best price available. Products and services have months that are better than others for purchasing.

For instance, September is often a good time to buy things like an iPhone or clothing. Thinking of buying a new car? The end of the year is typically the best time, as dealers make way for next year’s model.

Make a list of free or cheap activities

Getting back to your saving ways doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Going hiking or biking, checking out community events in your hometown, or watching sports with friends are just a few activities that are inexpensive or free.

Start saving for future expenses

Vacations, holiday gifts, home improvements—certain expenses can add up fast. But they don’t need to derail your savings progress.

Start setting aside money now to help keep your overall budget on track.

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