Business Planning & Protection

Know what your business is worth.

Just like personal financial planning, business planning has a life cycle, and the phase yours is in can help determine your planning priorities. Knowing the current value of your business is a great first step.

An informal business valuation from Principal® creates a foundation for smart planning decisions, using five commonly used valuation methods.

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Strategies to help preserve, protect and promote the value of your business.
Prepare for the transfer of ownership of your business.
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Help to plan the future of your business

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Understanding Your Business Lifecycle

Like people, businesses move through natural lifecycles, and your financial planning should reflect the stage your business is in.

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Protecting Your Business

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Prepare for a Successful Business Transition

Although the informal business valuation from Principal can provide a valuable starting point in helping you determine the value of your business, the valuation will not be a substitute for a formal valuation nor does it establish a value for tax purposes. A formal valuation should be constructed with the guidance of your legal and/or tax advisors.