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Investing Strategies

As America rebuilds its economy, you may need to rebuild your financial portfolio. The best way to do that is to create a plan to help your portfolio weather good times and bad. Read the articles below for guidance.

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Investing Basics

  • Keep a cool head: 4 tips for avoiding financial mistakes
    It's easy for emotions to get in the way when making financial decisions—but that can lead to costly mistakes. Find out how you can take a rational approach.
  • Bond basics
    Bond investments are likely to play an increasingly important role in your portfolio as you look ahead to retirement. Learn how bonds work, and why they might belong in your portfolio.
  • Benefits of dollar-cost averaging
    While no strategy such as dollar-cost-averaging can guarantee a profit or protect against losses in periods of declining markets, learn how a strategy of regular investing over time may help you navigate uncertain markets.


  • Cost of avoiding stocks
    Shunning risk by staying out of the stock market could be dangerous for your long-term financial health.
  • Why do stocks split?
    Stocks can be split for different reasons, but one of the most common is for companies to keep their stock price attractive to investors.



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