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Top 6 habits of the super rich

Good news: You may be following some of them already.

A famous Pew Research Center survey from 2007[1] found that getting rich was the number-one goal of adults ages 18-40. Though there's been a lot of debate since then about the merits of that goal, it's hard to argue with the notion of wanting financial security.

But how does the average investor achieve that goal? What do wealthy people know about money that the rest of us don't?

Here, Mike Levine, a partner at Levine Group, a financial services firm in Brentwood, Tenn., shares his views on the top six habits of the super rich.

#1. Start young.

"Most of the people who have a lot of money recognized the importance of investing from an early age," Levine says.

#2. Pay yourself first.

When budgeting, treat savings and investments with the same importance you do your other crucial bills.

#3. Don't raid your investments.

When you hit a financial speed bump, it's tempting to think that tapping your 401(k) account could make everything better. Think of something else, Levine advises. "Don't use the hardship provisions unless you absolutely have to," he stresses.

#4. Diversify.

The mega-rich seldom put all their eggs in one basket. They typically rely on a mix of investments from a range of different asset classes to help build wealth. Spreading the risk among different vehicles can help you weather downturns in the market.

#5. Forget get-rich-quick schemes.

Take a long-term approach to growing your money. "A lot of wealthy people aren't big on trying to make a killing," says Levine. "They're trying to preserve their wealth."

#6. Identify wealth-building opportunities.

Even the most affluent people use tax-advantaged savings vehicles whether they need to or not, says Levine.

Get help from a financial professional.

Wealthy people protect their assets with help from those with expertise. You can do the same: Financial professionals can help educate investors at any level about their investments and savings.

Don't have a financial professional? We can help you find one.



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Plan Ahead. Get Ahead. Winter 2012 issue.

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