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Post-recession portfolio check-up

Have your feelings about investing changed since the recent Great Recession? Many people feel less comfortable with risk after seeing their portfolio values plunge over the last few years. And even though your portfolio value may have increased a bit — or even surpassed its pre-recession balance — over the last year, you may still feel a bit nervous about your exposure to risk.

If that's the case, it may be time to reassess your portfolio's level of risk. After all, investments that keep you up at night just aren't worth the worry.

Investments that are too risky for your comfort may also result in you switching in and out of investments more often — which may not be good for your overall account balance, especially as you approach retirement. It's important to use an investment strategy that will help you stay the course, regardless of short-term economic fluctuations.

Another important portfolio check-up is rebalancing. Rebalancing involves bringing a portfolio back to its target allocation — selling investments in which you've made a profit and purchasing new investments that may have decreased in value.

Give your investment portfolio a check-up

Start by taking the Investor Profile Quiz to help you choose investment options that correspond with your individual investor profile results.

Then, decide if it's time to rebalance. Rebalancing helps ensure the original asset allocation of the investment options you elected stays in place — and stays on track to help meet your retirement savings goals. Log in to make changes to your investment options.



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