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Save for retirement

Take five simple steps to help get on track for retirement

Retirement may seem like a long ways away, but it’ll be here before you know it. That’s why it’s important to take time, even just a few minutes, to get on track for retirement. And we’ve made it easy with five simple steps you can take to help reach your retirement goals. There’s even a Take 5 Challenge!

Move to the green

Now that you know your score, learn small changes you may make to your retirement saving strategy to help improve your score and move to the green.

Nearing retirement

5 best kept secrets of Social Security (2017)

Social Security is often the elephant in the room when it comes to planning for retirement. And that makes sense—it’s an important source of retirement income for a lot of people, but it’s also a complex system to navigate. Learn more about your potential benefits with an inside look at 5 of Social Security’s best kept secrets.

Creating income for life—Is an annuity right for you?

Have you thought about what you want to do in retirement? What about your retirement income? Retirement today looks a bit different than it once did—we’re living longer and carrying more debt into our retirement years. So, it’s important to be sure we have enough income to last. Watch our webinar to learn about three factors that can influence how much income you may need in retirement, and options that could help you create your own income for life.

Nearing retirement checklist

No matter where you are on your journey to retirement, it’s important to have a plan in place to help you reach your goals. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist to help you along the way? Use this webinar to learn some of the key items you may want to review as part of your plan for retirement. Plus, see how those might change as you get closer to your desired retirement date.

Working through retirement milestones?

Deciding what age you want to retire is a big deal—and that decision is different for everyone. You might plan to work though some retirement milestones, or you might set a date sooner. No matter what you choose, keep in mind 3 key age-related events; including Social Security and Medicare, that you should prepare for.

Social Security benefits (2016)

As you near retirement, it’s important to understand your Social Security benefits1 —especially how they can factor in to your income strategy and how to maximize them. Learn more about how you can make the most of these benefits.

Retirement income

Nearing retirement is exciting, but overwhelming too. You may have many questions, like have you saved enough money, or what sources of income are available once your paycheck goes away. Feel motivated to prepare for retirement by learning ways to help develop a plan for retirement income.


Predicting medical costs and how to prepare for them can be one of the most worrisome parts of retirement planning. Learn how Medicare works and how to factor it into your retirement savings strategy so you can feel motivated while preparing for retirement. 

Retirement planning

As you get closer to retirement, there are many details to consider. Are you ready to stop working? Have you saved enough money? Learn how you can refine your plan for retirement.

Creating a plan

Save holiday stress: 3 tips to control spending

The holidays are a fun time of year, but also one of the most stressful. With holiday gatherings, buying gifts and more, the season of spending can have a big impact on your finances. We’ve got a few tips to help you better prepare for the holidays and keep your spending—and stress level—in check.

Women & retirement—steps to closing the savings gap

When it comes to saving for retirement, everyone’s situation is different—especially for women. In fact there are several factors that can make it harder for women to save enough and have enough for retirement. Help close the savings gap and create a game plan to help you reach your goals with these retirement tips.

So you got your first job, now what?

Landing your first job is a big deal. But what about all those other decisions you have to make about benefits and saving for retirement? Not to mention juggling those savings with everyday expenses plus paying off any student loans. Get a head start on your financial future by watching our webinar. We’ll talk you through some common questions and  provide tips to help you navigate the new financial situations that go along with your first job.

5 steps to a better budget

Are personal finances stressing you out? Managing income and expenses can be difficult. But having and sticking to a budget can help. And once you get started, you may realize building a budget isn’t as difficult as you might think.

What’s your risk plan?

Regardless of your age or finances, it’s good to consider risk planning, also known as estate planning. Then you’ll know your personal matters are handled the way you want in the event you’re not around or unable to speak.

Money matters for kids

It’s never too early to start talking to your kids about money. Really! Whether it’s starting a piggy bank with your preschooler or talking to your teenager about student loans, helping your kids develop good spending and saving habits can benefit them for life.

Roth vs pre-tax contributions

If you're like many people, you've heard about Roth contributions but don't really know what they are or why you may use them to help you save for retirement. Learn more about what you should consider as you choose the option that's best for you.

Financial fitness

Taking care of your physical health is important, and so is taking care of your financial health. Both involve creating a plan and sticking to it to achieve your goals. Get your financial fitness into high gear by learning how to create a plan, take action and stay motivated. 

Debt reduction

Most of us have to take on debt at some point in our lives. The key is to maintain a manageable level of debt — one you can easily afford and quickly pay off. Learn tips to keep debt from derailing your long-term goals. 

Tax strategies

Taxes can be a complicated fact of life. Understanding just a few key concepts and terms can help you take advantage of tax exemptions, deductions and credits that are available to you while saving more of your hard-earned dollars today—and in retirement.2

Coping with market volatility

Market volatility can play a big role in the performance of investments over time. And while you can’t control market volatility, find out some actions you can take to potentially minimize its impact on your retirement.

Retirement planning education

We’re here to help you understand the financial topics that matter to you and how they may apply to the kind of life you want. Learn how you might use the information to help improve your financial future in 30 minutes or less of your time.

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1 If you’ve had payroll deductions for Social Security, visit for your free benefit estimate 

2 You should consider the differences in investment options and risks, fees and expenses, tax implications, services and penalty-free withdrawals for your various options. There may be other factors to consider due to your specific needs and situation.  You may wish to consult your tax advisor or legal counsel.

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