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ESOP diversification requirements (PDF)
ESOP diversification requirements are a matter of concern for all ESOPs. Using a question-and-answer format, this article attempts to clarify the sometimes complex and confusing diversification requirements and provide examples and sample forms that will help plan sponsors meet those requirements.

The Principal strengthens ESOP team with two new hires
To further build its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) team, the Principal Financial Group® hired Kim Blaugher as a vice president of consulting and Amy Hartnett as a director of business development.

Starting off on the right foot: recruiting and new hire tools for building an ESOP culture
Use ESOPs in your recruiting process to help ensure you find the right match.

You want me to read what? Keys to effective communication
To reach your participants, you need to meet them where they're at, and that means tailoring your communication to them.

Enrich Employee-owned Culture Through Social Media
Whether the ESOP is new or existing, you might want to take advantage of social media to grow and change your culture in a contemporary way.

October — it's the most wonderful time of the year
Celebrate October by learning the advantages an ESOP can bring your company.

Mike Parrett Joins the Principal Financial Group as VP of Consulting
Parrett will provide advanced consulting to employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), including financial analysis and transaction structuring.

Branching Out from Within: Using Social and Digital Communication
Ongoing communication is vital to a long-term, employee ownership experience and culture for your company. Learn about leveraging digital and social media platforms to make your communications as successful as possible.

Reality Check - What it Takes to Implement a Successful ESOP Communication Plan
Guidelines to think about before you actually start crafting a ESOP communication plan.

Retirement Readiness
Retirement readiness is everywhere these days. The concern about whether retirees are financially prepared for retirement is real and something we need to start acting on - now.

The Communication Landscape Has Changed
Employers are trying to understand what social media really means to them and how to use it to benefit their business and employees. How has social media changed the way you connect? If it hasn't, you are probably missing out on a huge communication opportunity.

Fiduciary Responsibilities for Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Plan sponsors of any employee benefit plan are subject to the governing fiduciary duties and obligations under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Let's review a few scenarios that illustrate how the rules manifest in the day-to-day operation of an employee stock ownership plan.

Why October Warrants a Celebration!
October is here, and as a company who is passionate about employee stock ownership plans, the Principal Financial Group® could not be more thrilled at what these next thirty one days represent. October is National ESOP Employee Ownership month and offers the opportunity for us, and all who share our passion, to take some time to recognize the tremendous benefits ESOPs have to offer.

Corporate Governance vs. Retirement Plan Governance - What's the Difference?
A lot is written about "corporate" governance and "retirement plan" governance. It can be confusing - especially when it comes to Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). ESOPs are unique, and ESOP fiduciaries often serve in multiple roles, which means they can be subject to different legal standards depending on the decisions they are making for the company and the ESOP.

Local Communities Benefit from ESOPs
When people think of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) terms like succession planning, diversification, or retirement readiness typically come to mind. Increasingly, economic development is being added to that list.

Targeted Communication Helps Engage Participants
Developing a 12-month communication plan is a great way to ensure that you are providing frequent messages about your ESOP to participants. The communication plan is a roadmap that will help you focus your efforts throughout the year.

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