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Principal LifeTime 2060 Fund (J) (PLTAX)

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Portfolio Composition

  as of 09/30/2021
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Asset Distribution
Asset TypeNetShortLong
U.S. Stocks 60.56% 0.0%   60.56%  
Non-U.S. Stocks 32.92% 0.0%   32.92%  
U.S. Bonds 4.21% 0.02%   4.23%  
Cash 1.66% 0.63%   2.29%  
Non-U.S. Bonds 0.24% 0.0%   0.24%  
Other 0.2% 0.0%   0.2%  
Preferred 0.18% 0.0%   0.18%  
Convertibles 0.02% 0.0%   0.02%  

Top 10 Holdings

  as of 09/30/2021
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% of Net Assets
Principal Diversified International R-6 14.61
Principal Blue Chip R-6 10.02
Principal LargeCap Growth I R6 9.70
Principal Large Cap Value III Inst 9.33
Principal Overseas Instl 9.27
Principal Large Cap S&P 500 Index Inst 9.26
Principal Equity Income Inst 9.07
Principal MidCap Value I R-6 4.94
Principal MidCap Growth III Inst 4.80
Principal Origin Emerging Markets R6 3.96
Total*: 84.96
*Values may exceed 100% if both long and short positions are included in the portfolio

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Morningstar Style Box™

  as of 09/30/2021
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Investment Style
Stylebox Market Capitalization
Investment Style
Stylebox Market Capitalization

Stock Sector Breakdown

  as of 09/30/2021
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% of Net Assets
Cyclical 38.12
Basic Materials 4.34
Consumer Cyclical 11.36
Financial Svcs 16.75
Real Estate 5.67
Defensive 19.47
Consumer Defensive 5.36
Healthcare 11.70
Utilities 2.41
Sensitive 42.41
Comm Svcs 8.30
Energy 3.35
Industrials 12.05
Technology 18.71


  as of 09/30/2021
Average Market Cap (mil): $59,183.49
Price/Earnings Ratio: 17.79
Price/Book Ratio: 2.54
Price/Cash Flow Ratio: 10.94
Turnover Ratio: 22.90%

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The full name of this investment option is Principal LifeTime 2060 Fund (J).

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S&P Target Date 2060 Index provides varying levels of exposure to equities and fixed income. Each target date allocation is created and retired according to a pre-determined schedule related to the respective target date.

International and global investing involves greater risks such as currency fluctuations, political/social instability and differing accounting standards.

Equity investment options involve greater risk, including heightened volatility, than fixed-income investment options. Fixed-income investment options are subject to interest rate risk, and their value will decline as interest rates rise.

Asset allocation does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss. Investing in real estate, small-cap, international, and high-yield investment options involves additional risks.

Asset allocation and diversification do not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. Additionally there is no guarantee this investment option will provide adequate income at or through retirement.

There is no guarantee that a target date investment will provide adequate income at or through retirement. A target date fund's (TDF) glidepath is typically set to align with a retirement age of 65, which maybe your plan's normal retirement date (NRD). If your plan's NRD/age is different, the plan may default you to a TDF based on the plans NRD/Age. Participants may choose a TDF that does not match the plan's intended retirement date but instead aligns more to their investment risk. Compare the different TDF's to see how the mix of investments shift based on the TDF glide path.

Selecting a target date fund series is also authorizing any additional vintage which is launched by the investment provider for the series, and included in their associated materials, to be added to the plan after proper notification.

Fixed-income and asset allocation investment options that invest in mortgage securities are subject to increased risk due to real estate exposure.

Additional target date portfolios may be added to the Principal LifeTime portfolios series to accommodate plan participants with later normal retirement dates as they enter the workforce. Participants may also choose a portfolio with a target date that does not match the intended retirement date. Compare the different portfolios to see how the mix of investments might shift.