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Global Diversified Income Inst Fund (PGDIX)

Total Returns

Investment results shown represent historical performance and do not guarantee future results. Investment returns and principal values fluctuate with changes in interest rates and other market conditions so the value, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than original costs. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance data shown.

In situations where the net and gross total investment expense figures are different, the mutual fund or the underlying fund in which a Separate Account invests has waived/capped a portion of its management fees through the date displayed in the waiver expiration date or contractual cap expiration date column. Differences may also be shown due to the fund family choosing to pay certain expenses that would normally be payable by the fund. Returns displayed are based on net total investment expense.

Month-End | Quarter-End
Average Annual Total Returns as of 11/30/2021
1 Month3 MonthYTD1 Year3 Year5 Year10 YearSince     
Total Return % -1.04 -1.65 6.06 8.83 6.39 5.42 6.30 9.08
GDI Blended Index (Linked) % -0.99 -2.30 -0.93 0.84 4.69 4.73 5.47 ---
Allocation--15% to 30% Equity Category % -0.84 -1.05 3.55 5.27 6.85 5.18 4.92 ---
Morningstar Percentile Rankings** --- --- --- 9 71 52 14 ---
# of Funds in Category 198 196 194 194 180 163 103 ---
**Morningstar percentile rankings are based on total returns and do not reflect the inclusion of sales charges. If sales charges were reflected, rankings could be lower.

Calendar Year Total Returns
Total Return % 1.87 13.77 -5.39 10.23 9.62
GDI Blended Index (Linked) % 7.58 9.84 -5.70 12.24 10.25
Allocation--15% to 30% Equity Category % + 7.29 11.20 -3.14 6.25 5.55
Morningstar Percentile Rankings**,+ 98 15 92 47 12
Morningstar Equity Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox
Morningstar Fixed Income Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox Morningstar Stylebox
# of Funds in Category+ 177 199 200 201 206
+ Data displayed is the most current information available.
**Morningstar percentile rankings are based on total returns and do not reflect the inclusion of sales charges. If sales charges were reflected, rankings could be lower.


  as of 11/30/2021
Total Investment Expense - Gross: 0.84%
Total Investment Expense - Net: 0.68%
Waiver Date: 02/28/2022
Contractual Cap Date: 02/28/2022

Distribution History

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$ Per Share
11/24/2021 Income 0.0569
10/26/2021 Income 0.0573
09/27/2021 Income 0.0571
08/26/2021 Income 0.049
07/27/2021 Income 0.0493
06/25/2021 Income 0.0489
05/25/2021 Income 0.0484
04/27/2021 Income 0.0487
03/26/2021 Income 0.0489
02/23/2021 Income 0.0487
01/26/2021 Income 0.0504
12/29/2020 Income 0.0709
11/24/2020 Income 0.0505
10/27/2020 Income 0.0457
09/25/2020 Income 0.0457
08/26/2020 Income 0.0457
07/28/2020 Income 0.0479
06/25/2020 Income 0.0487
05/26/2020 Income 0.0482
04/27/2020 Income 0.0534
03/26/2020 Income 0.0541
02/25/2020 Income 0.0533
01/28/2020 Income 0.0536
12/27/2019 Income 0.0917
Income dividends are paid monthly.

Daily Unit Value/Share Price Chart

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Not FDIC Insured
May Lose Value - Not a Deposit - No Bank Guarantee
Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

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