The Global Financial Inclusion Index

What is the Global Financial Inclusion Index?

The Global Financial Inclusion Index ranks 42 markets on three pillars of financial inclusion. These pillars represent the key stakeholders responsible for promoting financial inclusion across the population.

Government support
Evaluates the degree to which governments promote financial inclusion

Financial system support
Examines the availability and uptake of various types of financial products and services that are central to financial inclusion

Employer support
Assesses the level of support employers provide their employees

Key themes from the 2023 Index

Singapore's Chinatown and financial district, featuring old and new urban development

Singapore retains No. 1 position for financial inclusion globally. 

A group of four warehouse employees walking through an aisle of storage racks and talking

A clear relationship exists between market maturity and the main source of financial inclusion support.

Woman at an outdoor farmer’s market uses her phone to tap to pay the vendor for her bag of produce

Financial inclusion is improving fastest in the economies that have—or are building—a digitally-enabled financial system.

Skyline of Berlin, Germany at dusk

The world’s largest economies are failing to make progress in financial inclusion.

Global financial inclusion is rising.

Financial inclusion is improving incrementally, largely driven by leaps in progress within emerging markets.

Financial inclusion score increase by region (year over year)

The world scored 41.7 in 2022 and 47.3 in 2023, a 5.6 point increase.
The Americas scored 46.8 in 2022 and 50.4 in 2023, a 3.6 point increase.
Europe scored 44.2 in 2022 and 46.7 in 2023, a 2.5 point increase.
The Asia Pacific scored 41.7 in 2022 and 48.3 in 2023, a 6.6 point increase.
The Middle East scored 40.4 in 2022 and 42.3 in 2023, a 1.9 point increase.
Africa scored 26.6 in 2022 and 31.2 in 2023, a 4.6 point increase.

*The global score represents 42 markets analyzed in the Global Financial Inclusion Index.

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Overall financial inclusion score

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Rank Market Score
25 50 75

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