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Singapore's Chinatown and financial district, featuring old and new urban development

Singapore retains No. 1 position for financial inclusion globally. 

A group of four warehouse employees walking through an aisle of storage racks and talking

A clear relationship exists between market maturity and the main source of financial inclusion support.

Woman at an outdoor farmer’s market uses her phone to tap to pay the vendor for her bag of produce

Financial inclusion is improving fastest in the economies that have—or are building—a digitally-enabled financial system.

Skyline of Berlin, Germany at dusk

The world’s largest economies are failing to make progress in financial inclusion.

Businesses report steady growth.

According to the 2024 Wave 1 Principal Financial Well-Being Index, businesses continue to navigate tough economic conditions and have demonstrated steady growth through recent events.

Businesses who describe themselves as growing (%)

Small businesses
Large businesses
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