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Disability Income insurance

What is Disability Income insurance?

It’s a financial safety net that helps replace a portion of your income if a serious illness or injury prevents you from working.

How does Disability Income insurance work?

You make scheduled payments just like you do with other types of insurance. Then, if you ever get a serious illness or injury that prevents you from working, you receive a monthly benefit that helps you pay everyday living expenses. Think of this insurance as protection for your income (disability insurance is sometimes known as “income protection").

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How much does Disability Income insurance cost?

It depends on a few factors, such as your income and age. Our calculator makes it easy to see how much coverage you may need and what it costs.

Why is Disability Income insurance important?

Your income is your financial foundation. It pays for immediate needs, like groceries and your mortgage or rent, and it helps you save for the future. That’s why protecting it in the event of a disability is so vital.

Disabilities are more common than you might think.

The word “disability” may make you think of accidents, like back injuries or severe falls. But most disabilities come in the form of common, long-term illnesses, like cancer or Parkinson’s disease—as in the case of this former NFL player who was diagnosed with leukemia.

Supplement what you have through work.

Already have disability insurance through your employer? That’s a great start. But it typically only covers about 60% of your income—plus when you leave a job, that coverage doesn't come with you. Disability Income insurance can help protect more of your income, and it’s 100% yours.

Focus on healing.

No one wants to think about getting too sick or hurt to work. But if it happens, Disability Income insurance lets you worry less about your finances, so you can focus on getting better.

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Go one step further with Disability Income insurance for retirement.

Save for the future, even if you’re too sick or hurt to work with DI Retirement Security.

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Get personalized advice from a financial professional.

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This is an overview of the benefits of disability insurance, but there are limitations and exclusions. For cost and coverage details, contact your Principal representative. For Arizona residents, see disability insurance limitations and exclusions. Oregon policy form HH750OR.

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