Former NFL player shares the value of tackling income protection

Scott Stankavage, a former National Football League (NFL) player turned real estate broker, felt invincible. Then he was diagnosed with leukemia. See how a decision he made long ago to purchase individual disability income insurance helped his family during a tough time.

The difficult diagnosis

Scott knew something wasn’t right. Why were simple things like mowing the lawn so exhausting? Finally, the father of six got his answer: He had terminal leukemia—with no cure and few options to extend his life. “Not knowing what was wrong with me was the hardest,” says Scott. “I wasn’t used to not being in control and not being able to get answers.

“I was a former professional athlete and proud of keeping myself in tip-top shape even in my 50s. Nothing was supposed to happen to me.”

The critical decision

Years earlier, Scott’s colleague—a financial professional with Principal®―stressed the importance of disability insurance to help pay everyday living expenses if Scott ever became too sick or hurt to work. “Although I felt bulletproof in my younger years, the idea of protecting my family was a significant concern as a new father,” he says.

As I look back, deciding to purchase a disability insurance policy was one of the most responsible things I’ve ever done.”

The freedom to focus on what matters most

Today, Scott receives a monthly disability insurance benefit that replaces a portion of his income. This helps him meet his family’s monthly living expenses, including house payments, groceries, and essentials of family life. “The small amount we receive from Social Security wouldn’t have been enough by itself,” he says.

“My wife and children have enough stress knowing I’m dealing with a rare leukemia without a cure. I don’t want financial worry to be a primary focus of our time together,” he says. “Principal helped provide freedom to be the best father and husband I can be by reducing my worry about where we’ll get the money to run our home.”

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