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Image of a business leader, comfortable with his cash flow.

Business leaders remain comfortable with their cash flow but keep a wary eye on rising concerns.

2 minute read
Photo of employees in a competitive labor market.

Training and education benefits are on the rise as employers compete for workers and navigate the lingering pandemic.

2 minute read
Image showing small business owner, happy to catch up on financial improvements.

More businesses of all sizes have financially improved in the last year, and small businesses have begun to catch up.

2 minute read
Photo of small business owner looking to increase staff.

Many more small businesses are increasing staff compared to a year ago, but they’re also coping with more churn.

2 minute read
Photo of a business owner working in their store.

The drive toward pandemic recovery is strong among domestic businesses reporting significantly better financials compared to just a few months earlier.

2 minute read

For the first time since before the pandemic, the Principal Financial Well-Being Index shows most business leaders are optimistic about the economic outlook for the year ahead.

9 minute read