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The stock market rally for which we advocated last month lasted 2 weeks and rose a paltry 3.6% before another downdraft. Investors may be starting to worry that something is seriously wrong.

18 minute read

The yield curve may invert over the next year or so as the Fed tightens policy rates. Concerns about global growth and U.S. trade policy may cause inversion sooner. 

10 minute read

There are two key central bank meetings this week: the Federal Reserve meeting ends Wednesday, June 13 and the European Central Bank (ECB) meets on Thursday, June 14. Both have the potential to move markets.

9 minute read

With markets riding a rollercoaster of risk and recovery the last week of May, it’s good to note many positive economic signals. Nevertheless, the dynamics of world growth have shifted.

20 minute read

The Federal Reserve (Fed) started formally targeting inflation at 2% relatively recently (2012). Several of the inflation indicators that the Fed watch are now at or above that level. Does that mean that the Fed can say mission accomplished?

8 minute read

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the last U.S. recession started in December 2007 and ended in March 2009. Which means this expansion has lasted 106 months, making it one of the longest on record. But what if I told you that the United States was nearly in recession two years ago.

9 minute read