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Photo of a woman who is a super saver and has been investing in her future.

Gen X and Gen Y super savers are generally maxing out contributions to their retirement accounts. They’re prioritizing savings over nearly everything else.

2 minute read
Photo of people going up and down stairs to demonstrate market volatility.

One day the market’s up. Then next day, it’s down. Sometimes all that movement happens in a single day. That’s volatility.

The run-up in rates is 1 key factor that explained last week’s market drop. Ultra-low interest rates fueled stock market returns since March 2009, but that period is coming to an end.

6 minute read

Yes, headline job growth weakened, but in general, it was another fantastic report. Labor markets are key to our strong economic forecast and may even drive upward surprises.

8 minute read

The global upturn varies by region: robust momentum in the United States and India; modest rebound in Japan and the Eurozone; and gradual deceleration in China.

15 minute read

No, likely not. The real risk for financial markets is the reduction in liquidity that was provided in copious amounts to combat the global financial crisis.

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