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Markets may have stumbled in 2018, but U.S. consumers pushed the economy forward. Find out how optimistic shoppers and pessimistic executives are shaping the U.S. economy for 2019.

5 minute read
Photo of Shanghai, China.

The market volatility widely expected to rock 2019 is a time to prove your value to clients who want sound financial advice and calm reassurance. Our expertise helps you get ready.

6 minute read
A man and a woman walking into a voting precinct.

As an advisor, you can be useful to your clients without getting partisan. There are ways to help them better prepare their portfolios and budgets based on the outcome at the ballot box.

6 minute read
Photo from Nasdaq where we presented our outlook for 2019.

The new year could see Main Street doing well while Wall Street struggles. Find out what our economist thinks could affect you financially in 2019.

4 minute read
Photo of Heather Winston.

What might tax reform mean for you and your business? We gathered a panel to discuss what’s changed and what you can do now to prepare.

Our experts analyze financial news and trends face to face in a regular roundtable discussion. Take control of the tax-reform conversation, because your clients are full of questions.

6 minute read