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September 2018 marks the 10-year anniversary of some of the biggest events of the global financial crisis. We asked our investment experts to share some lessons learned.

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U.S. inflation, while not likely to significantly decelerate, has probably peaked for the year. The Fed has to be happy that inflation is up to its 2% target but not at risk of overheating.

Our experts analyze financial news and trends face to face in a regular roundtable discussion. They highlight issues for advisors to consider before their clients ask tough questions.

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A Federal Reserve rate hike in September is surely a done deal, likely one in December, too. So long as long-term U.S. rates stay tame, the stock market likely has another rally ahead.

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The good returns of August may not be repeated in September, the worst month on average. While another equity rally is likely ahead, investors may want to use it to lessen their portfolio risk.

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Image overlooking the water and India.

A retirement crisis of potentially immense proportions looms in India’s future. Learn about the challenges facing India and recommended solutions to help increase retirement security for all.

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