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Low level trade talks between the United States and China came and went this week without any resolution. It’s hard to see what the end game of the escalating trade tensions will be.

6 minute read

Some economists think that a fast-growing economy could have unexpected positive benefits for productivity growth.

7 minute read

The latest U.S. inflation report showed an uptick, a natural result of the robust economy over the last two years.

7 minute read

U.S. growth will stay robust well into 2019; India is similarly a growth outlier. Growth has mildly decelerated in the rest of the world and that will continue into 2019.

18 minute read

Most details of the report on U.S. GDP were strong. Vigorous consumer spending growth at 4%, stout business investment, and government expenditures up nicely, were all solid gains.

8 minute read

The reported data on economic growth from the National Bureau of Statistics seem just fine. But, Chinese officials appear increasingly worried that the economy may be decelerating too much.

8 minute read