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Linking to Our Website

Linking to Our Website

Guidelines for linking to www.principal.com

If a site would like to link to www.principal.com through use of a clickable Principal Financial Group (or subsidiary) logo, an Internet Link License Agreement must be signed. The agreement contains the following provisions:

  • The Web site linking to www.principal.com must use a ® in conjunction with our company service marks.
  • The link must be to "https://www.principal.com/". The link may use either the Link Logo, the words "www.principal.com" or the words "The Principal Financial Group®."
  • The marks may only be used as part of your Internet website and only in conjunction with an Internet link to "https://www.principal.com/".
  • Your Web site may not contain any content that (a) violates any law, statute, ordinance or regulation, (b) is defamatory, libelous, threatening or unlawfully harassing, or (c) is obscene, pornographic or indecent.
  • With the exception of the link, no text, data, or other information about any of the companies of the Principal Financial Group® or their respective products or services may be posted on your website without the prior, written authorization of the Principal Financial Group®. Any references to any companies of the Principal Financial Group® or their respective products or services on the linking webpages must be accurate. The marks may not be used to disparage any of the companies of the Principal Financial Group® or their respective products or services, or in connection with any products or services.
  • The Link Logo is a link to the Principal Financial Group® website, not an endorsement of the linking website. You may not remove or alter any element of the Link Logo. The size, proportions, or colors of the Link Logo may not be altered, and the logo cannot be animated, morphed, or otherwise distorted.
  • Our Link Logo must stand by itself and must include a minimum amount of 30 pixels of empty space around it so as to avoid associations with any other objects, including type, photography, borders, and edges.
  • Our marks cannot be made more prominent than the linking website's own names and trademarks.
  • The following notice must be found on any webpage that includes any of the Principal Financial Group marks®:

"Principal Financial Group®", The Principal®, and The Principal Financial Group® logo are registered service marks of Principal Financial Services, Inc. Used by permission.

Guidelines for linking from www.principal.com

Establishing links to other Web sites is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please fill out the Link/Logo License Agreement Form, indicating your purpose for the proposed link in the comment box.

Info for Group, Pension, Health Brokers

The general guidelines for linking to https://www.principal.com listed above also apply to Group, Pension and Health Brokers' sites.

Our Internet goal is to provide customers with the highest quality of online services. In order to consistently meet that goal, the Principal Financial Group monitors marketers' websites to insure that they comply with the company's advertising guidelines. Sites that fail to comply with the guidelines may face disciplinary action.

Please note California law requires you to include our NAIC number on all materials, including websites, that reference our name and/or logo. Please use the following wording: California Certificate of Authority 6750.

Info on linking to the Individual Product Forms site

To enhance our relationship with you, you now have the option to link to our Individual Product Forms site from your website. The site allows you access to the most recent new business and service forms for individual life, disability and annuities products. No login is required.

To link to our Individual Product Forms site from your Web site, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the Link/Logo License Agreement Form. Please indicate your relationship with the Principal Financial Group on the form as "Individual BGAs." Please include your agency number in the box at the bottom of the page.
  2. Upon approval you will be sent an agreement via your preferred method of contact indicated on the form.
  3. Sign and return the agreement.
  4. The information you need to make this link available from your own website will be sent to you after we have received the signed agreement.