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Transactional emails from Principal®

Transactional emails from Principal®

What are they?

Transactional emails are intended to provide you timely and accurate information about accounts you have with us.  

When and why do we send them?

Typically, a transactional email is sent when there is a change to your account or product.  The change can be initiated in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • You set up access to your account or product information online for the first time
  • You change your password or security controls used to access account information online
  • You log in and make a change to your account options or services online
  • You give permission for a representative in one of our call centers to make a change for you
  • Your employment status changes, resulting in a change to your account
  • Your employer changes the account options or services available to you
  • Principal makes a change to your account or product, resulting in the need to notify employers or financial professionals

What about other kinds of emails? 

Receiving transactional emails doesn't mean you’ll receive marketing or promotional emails from us. Because transactional emails are intended to keep you informed about changes being made to your account or product, they’re not something that you can opt-out of.  When you receive a transactional email, we want you to review the information and confirm you’re aware of the change and when needed, verify it is accurate. 

If you elected to receive other types of emails, alerts or notifications from us, then you’ll continue to receive them.   You can opt-out of receiving these other types of emails at any time.

Need help? 

If you feel that you have received an email in error or have a question, please contact us online or call us at 800-986-3343 and we'll do our best to help you.