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3 min read

Planning for & protecting your future

Should you digitize your financial documents?

When it comes to securing your financial details, a mix of digital files and paper copies can help you boost document protection for important records.

5 min read

Your family & home

Do I need a trust?

A few questions can help you decide if you need a trust as part of your estate plan.

6 min read

Your family & home

Why you might need a trust in your estate plan

What’s a trust? How is it different than a will? Do you need one? Learn how this estate planning option can benefit you and your family—now and in the future.

5 min read

Your family & home

6 savings options for college

Options for college savings are wider than you might think. Explore six different types, from life insurance to Roth IRAs, to find the right combination for you.

4 min read

Major & unexpected life events

Estate planning checklist

When you organize your estate planning documents, think beyond a will and life insurance.