Personal Trusts

You’ve built a life. Now establish a legacy.

No matter how much money you make, it’s the people you love that matter most. A personal trust helps ensure their financial wellbeing is secure, even after you’ve passed away.

We offer a variety of trusts and gifting strategies that can help you:

  • Minimize your estate tax liability
  • Equally distribute inheritances among your family
  • Allocate your wealth between heirs, third parties, and charities

Enjoy today, knowing tomorrow is taken care of. Talk to an advisor to learn more about setting up a personal trust.

Do I need a trust?

Maybe you already have a will. Trusts offer a bit more flexibility and customization when it comes to estate planning. They let you set guidelines and requirements for how your wealth and property gets distributed over time.

And trusts aren’t just built for the needs of your loved ones—they benefit your current and future needs, too.

Among other benefits, trusts:

  • Create a plan for using and enjoying the assets you have
  • Provide financial security if you become ill and can’t take care of yourself
  • Ensure the proper care of minors or disabled family members
  • Encourage responsible behavior by future generations (e.g., requiring your child to complete college to receive their inheritance)
  • Fund charitable causes in an efficient way

Your personal trust options

Choose from multiple strategies, which focus on keeping your taxes low and your distributions fair.

  • Charitable Giving

    Support the causes you believe in through tax-deductible charitable gifts.

  • Dynasty Trust

    Minimize or avoid estate taxes by determining defined distributions for each generation of your family.

Why work with us?

You’ll find a partner in our unbiased, experienced team of trust professionals. We’ll discuss your financial goals, educate you about your trust options, and recommend attorneys who can help you craft a tailored estate plan.

We administer our trusts under Delaware state laws, which provide unique advantages not available in other states. These include asset protection, state-level taxation exclusions, privacy, and confidentiality. You don’t have to be a Delaware resident to enjoy this benefit.

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Start building your plan for the future

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Personal Trusts: Building a secure future for the ones you love

We all want to protect the people we love most. And while it’s impossible to predict what the future may bring, it is possible to prepare for it—with a personal trust.

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Create a flexible plan for the future—Whatever it brings

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