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Couldn’t make a live webinar or have a topic you’d like to revisit? Catch up anytime with our library of replays. In less than 30 minutes, you can take a deeper dive into a financial topic that matters to you.

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Retirement savings moves for your 30s, 40s, and 50s

We all want to watch our savings grow. This webinar talks through retirement savings moves to consider during difficult life stages. Watch for ideas that can help you reach your goals.

Saving for your future: 401(k)s and beyond

No matter what your age or stage of life, it’s not too late to start saving. While 401(k)s are the most common way to save for retirement, there are additional ways to help provide financial security for your future. Watch to discover additional ways to save beyond the traditional employer-sponsored plan, and how to maximize your savings strategy depending on your stage of life.

Essentials of investing: Building for retirement

The essentials of investing: understanding what it is, how it works, and what strategies can help you meet your future goals—like saving for retirement. After we cover the basics, we’ll dive into the most important question—how can you make money from investing? Watch and build up your investing knowledge.

Retirement savings accounts: the differences and what’s best for you

Whether you’re just starting out on your savings journey, or are experienced and want to learn about more ways to save, it’s important to understand the differences between retirement savings accounts and what’s best for your situation.

Women and savings: Your future in focus

We’re talking about women’s finances, including how to identify your goals and decide what you may need to save for the future. Figure out what’s motivating you and what you could do to feel more financially secure in retirement. We’ll cover budgeting, creating a savings strategy and how to keep saving no matter what life throws your way.

Roth vs pre-tax contributions

If you're like many people, you may have heard about Roth contributions but might not really know what they are or why you may use them to help you save for retirement. Learn more about what you should consider as you choose the option that's best for you.

Get a game plan: tackle debt and build emergency savings

No matter how much you make or what stage in life you’re in, it’s important to prioritize spending and saving to reach your financial goals. By creating a plan to tackle your debt and build an emergency fund, you can protect yourself from future unplanned expenses. Register to join us for the April webinar and learn how you could be on your way to a more financially secure future.

Teaching kids money basics

From teaching young kids the differences between wants and needs, to showing teens the value of earning, saving, and consequences of debt, learn how you can be a positive influence on the children in your life and their financial future.

Unlocking your financial potential with credit

Take the first step toward unlocking your financial potential by learning how to use credit as a resource. We’ll share some credit-improving tips so you can work toward reaching your financial goals.

How can a health savings account work for you?

Health care costs are an important part of any financial strategy. An HSA (health savings account) can be a popular choice when it comes to setting aside money for medical expenses. An HSA features some significant tax benefits, but is it the right choice for you? We explore some of the benefits and considerations.

Debt reduction

Most of us will take on debt at some point in our lives. The key is to maintain a manageable level of debt—one you can easily afford and quickly pay off. Learn tips to help keep debt from derailing your long-term goals.

Market volatility and inflation survival guide

If the combination of inflation and market volatility leaves you felling nervous about your finances, you're not alone. Learn why inflation happens and how you can better manage the impacts.

Five ways to start out money-smart

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve got a few years of work experience under your belt, you can make decisions today that can help put you on track for a more financially secure future. Watch to learn five simple ways to start out money smart.

Investing beyond the basics

Amp up your investing knowledge by learning about more complex strategies, like understanding some of the behavioral science behind investing, why systematic investing may be helpful, and how to invest based on personal values.

4-step financial wellness checkup

Now is a great time for a financial wellness checkup. It can give you a better understanding of how much progress you’ve made toward your goals—and celebrate the progress you’ve made! Listen in as we walk through four steps to help improve your overall financial wellness.

A beginner’s guide to investing

If you’re just getting started or looking to polish your investing know-how, this session is for you. We’ll cover types of investment accounts, how to diversify (and why it may help you), understanding risk tolerance, and market volatility. Watch to learn investing basics (in plain speak) and four key concepts to help you become a more confident investor.

Goal-based budgeting for your future

If your finances have taken a detour, you have new goals, or you’d like to pay down debt and build up savings, budgeting can help you get there. Watch and learn how you can make budgeting work best for you, no matter if it’s bare bones or detailed to the last dollar. And, if you’ve attempted budgeting in the past to no avail, we have new tips for that too.

Women and wealth: Investing for each life stage

One way to help build your savings to feel more secure in retirement is to invest. No matter where you are on your savings journey, watch and learn how investing may help you reach your financial goals throughout different life stages.

Estate planning

Whether you’re just settling into your career, or you’ve been working hard and achieving your financial goals for years, estate planning can help formally protect your assets, allow you to have control over your health care decisions, and provide for loved ones. Watch and learn what’s included in an estate plan and the steps you can take to create one so your wishes are carried out the way you choose.

Financing and planning for higher education

Do you have children who are planning on going to a university or trade school now or in the future? Or are you thinking of furthering your own education? Watch and learn five simple steps to help plan, save, and pay for higher education. We’ll cover scholarships, financial aid, 529 plans, student loans, and more.

Why you need a will and how to create one

If you have assets, financial accounts, children, or all of the above and then some—you need a will. Watch and learn the importance of a will, six simple steps you can take to create one, and how protect your retirement savings and other funds. Ensure your wishes are known and learn how to help secure your loved ones’ financial future should the unexpected happen.

Ways Women Can Save and Build Wealth

We’re covering women’s financial wellness. You’ll learn about real steps you can take to build wealth and save for retirement. We’ll talk about the pay gap, setting financial goals, budgeting, managing debt, saving, and investing. Watch the replay and learn tips for reaching your financial goals.

Reassessing finances after a market downturn

Let’s take a look at your accounts to make sure they still align with your financial goals moving forward—especially if your goals and needs have changed. We’ll also cover contributions, rebalancing, and strategies to help manage stock market volatility in the future.

Money talks with loved ones

We understand money talks are personal, so we’ll be sharing tips on when and how to approach conversations about finances—and most importantly, how to keep it civil.

5 tips for year-end tax planning

Navigating taxes can feel both tricky and daunting, but by planning early, you can put yourself in a better spot to handle the upcoming tax season. Watch and learn five ways you can help improve your financial situation when tax time rolls around.

Market volatility and recessions 101

While you can't control market volatility, there are actions you can take to potentially minimize its impact on your retirement savings. Having a plan in place for a recession or market downturn may help give you confidence to weather the storm and keep working toward your long-term retirement goals.

Estate planning: Can you DIY?

What is estate planning? It’s things like a will, living will and power of attorney. Essentially, it’s taking time now to make sure your wishes are honored later. If you have children to care for, property or belongings, you have an estate. We’ll talk through some important steps in creating your plan, including whether you may be able to DIY.

Security check: Are you protecting your information

From shopping, to banking, to buying a car, many of us are used to the convenience of online transactions. But it’s important to steps to better protect our personal information online. We’ll explore topics like passwords, setting up online accounts, and what to do in case of a security breach.

4 ways to tackle student loan debt

Student loans can have a big impact on your finances. Whether you’re just starting to pay off your loans, or if you’ve been at it for years, a repayment game plan may help you manage debt and get a better return on the investment in your education. We’ll look at four ways to conquer student loan debt while not losing sight of your other financial goals.

Savvy financial moves for women: 5 life moments you don’t want to miss

Women may have some special circumstances when it comes to creating a financial roadmap. We discuss five life moments where you may want to take stock of your finances. From a first job through retirement, we’ll look at the moves you might consider if these moments impact you.

Caring for an aging loved one

Many of us will care for an aging loved one at some point. It’s an important role, but it can also be a lot to take on. No matter where you are in the caregiver journey, having a plan in place can help you manage your role while still taking care of your own needs. This webinar shares tips and resources to help you and your loved one along the way.

Planning for retirement—or retiring again

You’ve worked for years to help ensure financial security for yourself and your loved ones. Now it’s time to think about retirement— whether it’s the first time you’re retiring or the second. Understanding how to set goals, when to take Social Security, why budgeting is important, and how to protect your legacy will help put you closer to a more secure retirement in the future. 

Planning for retirement health care

Understand your options for health care before you reach retirement and learn how to better help manage the expected costs.

Maximizing your Social Security benefit

The landscape of Social Security is changing. It may be more important than ever to continue to plan for retirement and stay up to date on your potential benefits. Watch to learn the latest on how much you could receive, when to take your benefit, how benefits are taxed, and more so you can make Social Security work best for you.

Four investment strategies nearing retirement

You’ve worked hard to save for retirement. And even if it may seem like a difficult time to think about retiring, it may be more important than ever to have a clear plan for how you’ll use your funds effectively so you can feel secure in retirement. Watch to learn four investing steps you can take now to help set yourself up for success in retirement. So when you decide you’re ready to switch gears and retire, your accounts can be ready too.

Prepare for health care coverage in retirement

Watch and learn how you can prepare for one of the largest expenses in retirement. We’ll cover ways to pay for health care and whether you should consider long-term care insurance. Plus, we’ll also share health insurance options if you plan to retire before you’re eligible for Medicare.

Saving and spending strategies nearing retirement

You’ve been building your financial foundation for years. So when it’s finally time to retire, replacing your work paycheck with a retirement income paycheck—and maintaining a sense of security—requires a solid strategy. Join us to learn distribution options and put together a smart withdrawal plan.

Making Social Security work best for you

Social Security is an important piece of a retirement income strategy, but as of late, the program is facing financial pressure from the pandemic. It’s more important than ever to continue to plan for retirement and stay up to date on changes to Social Security and your potential benefits. Watch to learn the latest on how much you could receive, how benefits are taxed, and more so you can make Social Security work best for you.

Nearing retirement checklist

If retirement is finally approaching for you, or will be in the next few years, congratulations! You’ve worked hard to save for your future, and your golden years are becoming reality. Before you take the big leap into this next phase of your life, we want to help you ensure you’re ready. Watch and learn seven important items to check off your “nearing retirement checklist” that will help you enter retirement in confidence.

Saving and spending strategies in retirement

You’ve worked hard to prepare for retirement—you don’t want to worry about depleting your nest egg too soon. We’ll teach you some saving and spending strategies that could help you extend your savings longer. 

Social Security myths debunked

One of the most important pieces in your retirement puzzle is Social Security. Join us as we debunk four of the most common myths surrounding how it works, who’s eligible, and if it will even exist in the future. 

Ways to pay for healthcare in retirement

84% of the happiest retirees have an understanding of healthcare in retirement.* We can help you get there. Learn how to put together a plan for your healthcare and expenses in retirement. 

Cinco maneras de empezar a manejar las finanzas inteligentemente
Independientemente de si estás apenas comenzando en tu carrera o ya tienes varios años de experiencia, puedes tomar decisiones hoy que pueden ayudarte a avanzar hacia un futuro con mayor seguridad financiera. No dejes de ver nuestro video para conocer cinco maneras sencillas de empezar a manejar las finanzas inteligentemente.

Inversiones: guía para principiantes
Si apenas estás empezando a interesarte en el tema de las inversiones o quieres saber más, esta sesión es para ti. Hablaremos de los aspectos básicos sobre las inversiones, los tipos de cuentas de inversión y cuatro conceptos clave para sentir más confianza con este tema.

Planifica tu cobertura de atención médica para la etapa del retiro
Uno de los mayores gastos en el retiro es el costo de la atención médica. Ve el seminario web y aprende más acerca de la cobertura de Medicare, las cuentas HSA, el seguro de atención médica a largo plazo y las maneras de pagar esos costos del cuidado de la salud.

Aspectos esenciales de invertir: cómo ahorrar para el retiro 
Los aspectos esenciales de invertir: comprender qué es, cómo funciona y qué estrategias pueden potenciar tus metas a futuro, como ahorrar para el retiro. Cubriremos los aspectos básicos y luego profundizaremos sobre la pregunta más importante: ¿cómo puedes generar dinero de las inversiones? 

Cinco pasos para crear un mejor presupuesto
Tener un presupuesto y cumplirlo puede ayudar a la hora de administrar los ingresos y gastos. Una vez que empieces, verás que crear un presupuesto es más fácil de lo que pensabas.

Planificación de patrimonio
Bien sea que estés estableciéndote en tu carrera o que hayas estado trabajando duro durante años para lograr tus metas financieras, la planificación del patrimonio puede ayudar a proteger tus cuentas formalmente, permitirte tener control sobre tus decisiones de salud y mantener a tus seres queridos. 

Mira tus finanzas después de un período de inestabilidad económica
Analiza tus cuentas para ver si aún están acorde con tus metas financieras de aquí en adelante, especialmente si tus objetivos han cambiado. También hablaremos sobre los aportes, el reajuste de las inversiones y las estrategias que permiten sobrellevar la inestabilidad del mercado en el futuro.

Planifica oportunamente: enfrenta las deudas y ahorra para emergencias
Independientemente de cuánto ganes o la etapa de la vida en la que te encuentres, es importante priorizar los gastos y los ahorros para que puedas lograr tus metas financieras. Al crear un plan para enfrentar tus deudas e iniciar un fondo de emergencia, puedes tener protección para manejar gastos imprevistos en el futuro. 

Cuidar a un ser querido de edad avanzada
En algún momento de nuestra vida, muchos tendremos que cuidar de algún ser querido en edad avanzada. Independientemente de la etapa que estés pasando como cuidador o cuidadora, es importante que tengas un plan que te permita manejar tus funciones sin descuidar tu propia vida. 

Echamos por tierra los mitos sobre el Seguro Social
Una de las partes más importantes de tu retiro es el Seguro Social. Únete a nosotros para echar por tierra cuatro de los mitos más conocidos en cuanto a cómo funciona, cuáles son los requisitos e incluso, si seguirá existiendo en el futuro. 

* Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Expenditure Survey, Sept 2018.

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