Kristin's Story On Career Growth and Culture

Enjoying what I do makes coming to work easy. As a senior claims examiner, I process some of the more expensive medical claims. Each day, I work with health care providers, customers and others at The Principal to review and process claims in a timely manner. My position continually challenges me to meet new goals. And, as someone who has a natural competitive spirit, each new challenge spurs me on to a new goal.

At The Principal, if you work hard, show ambition, skill and determination, you can succeed. I'm living proof. In just 15 months, I completed the claims training program and was promoted to a senior role—about a year earlier than usual.

As an expectant mom, I appreciate the benefits and flexibility The Principal provides. I've been able to participate in a prenatal program and have access to healthcare professionals who can help answer my questions.

I think what separates The Principal from other companies is the leadership. My leaders care about my career interests. Recently, I was given the opportunity to take on an additional project and training role within my department. I appreciate the company's investment in me and my development.