Kim's Story On Pursuing Opportunities Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Photo of Kim Huynh.

I stumbled upon Principal. After college graduation, I thought I'd pursue a job in merchandising—which was my major. A friend of mine was interviewing with Principal and I thought it wouldn't hurt to go through another interview, even though I knew very little about the company. I became a claims management trainee and moved around from there. I was a team coordinator and a manager in our network operations area. In that time, I also obtained my Master's degree in Healthcare Administration.

After 12 years I decided it was time for a change. With the help of my leader, I networked, researched and soul-searched to determine what my next step should be. I accepted a position as a corporate negotiator. This change has given me a broader view of the organization. I work with businesses segments across the company to inventory and manage supplier relationships to enhance our relationships with strategic suppliers. One of the things I enjoy most about Principal is its open culture. Our senior management team is approachable and receptive. And, as a leader of the Asian Employee Resource Group, I appreciate their support and involvement in the various employee resource group diversity initiatives.