OCIO services for endowments, foundations, and nonprofits

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We understand the investment management services your endowment, foundation, or nonprofit needs.

As an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO), we take on the fiduciary responsibility for your organization’s investment portfolio—managing assets, navigating market volatility, and optimizing portfolio performance to help reach your desired goals.

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OCIO solutions

Our diversified team of investment experts have worked with an entire spectrum of organizations, creating custom investment management strategies. We’ll work to include investments that seek to meet your organization’s funding goals for years to come.

Values-aligned investment strategies

We can build custom portfolios that consider social responsibility requirements and environmental sustainability goals for clients who desire an investment strategy that aligns with their values.

Competitively priced portfolios

Offer an all-inclusive single rate fee structure with no out-of-scope billing. Custom portfolios are developed to help meet each client’s unique goals, cash flows, risk budgets, and return objectives.

Custom-built investment solutions

Provide efficient implementation and flexible service through an open-architecture approach to an investment management model.

Tailored investment management

Investment solutions need to be sophisticated, transparent, and understandable. We take the time to develop a deep understanding of each organization, recognizing that each one has a unique purpose and goals. We offer a comprehensive, customized approach considering each client's unique investment objectives.

Sustainable spending policy

Unique to your needs and aligns expenditures with your missions and goals.

  • A strategic plan for board members and donors
  • Realistic in relation to the anticipated capital market returns
  • Documented along with your Investment Policy Statement
  • Reviewed annually
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