Principal® SimpleInvest IRA

How it works

Based on a few inputs from you – such as…

  • Your age
  • Retirement goals
  • How you feel about investment risk

… our robo-advisor recommends a personalized investment mix of mutual funds and ETFs. The application is entirely online and typically takes less than 10 minutes. We’ll start actively managing your investments based on your retirement goals.

Get a personalized investment mix

Everyone's financial goals are different. Our proprietary algorithm puts you at the center of the equation.(1)

Key for donut charts. Items presented in chart starting at the top and displayed clockwise.

Fixed Income
Multi Asset


Jordan, age 24. A donut chart shows a majority of financial investments in Equity.

Jordan | 24

Investment model: Risk-based
Retirement age: 63
Goal: Save for retirement
Risk profile: Aggressive

Avery, age 41. A donut chart shows a mix of financial investments in Equity and Fixed Income.

Avery | 41

Investment model: Time-based
Retirement age: 65
Goal: Save for retirement
Risk profile: Balanced

Alex, age 60. A donut chart shows a majority of financial investments in Fixed Income.

Alex | 60

Investment model: Risk-based
Retirement age: Retired
Goal: Use my retirement savings
Risk profile: Conservative

Note: Portfolio allocations are approximate. Individual portfolio allocations may vary.

Choose an investment model that fits your needs.

Time-based investing


Graph with two axis that shows a gradual decrease over time.
  • Personalized mix of investments unique to your needs.
  • Automatically adjusts asset allocation (aka your mix of investments) to become more conservative over time.
  • Minimizes vulnerability to market volatility as you get closer to achieving your goals.

Risk-based investing


Graph with two axis that remains constant over time.
  • Personalized mix of investments according to your comfort with risk
  • Automatically adjusts asset allocation (aka your mix of investments) to maintain your risk level as markets change.
  • Your risk level remains constant until you change it, which you can do at any time by retaking the risk questionnaire.

Sit back and relax with automatic adjustments.

We keep an eye on your account – so when your investment mix needs to be rebalanced, it’s done automatically to help keep you on track.

When your goals change, just update your account and we’ll adjust your investment to match. We can do the heavy lifting.

Advisor talking to a client on the phone.

Bonus: Technology and real people.

You’ll have ongoing access to a dedicated team of financial professionals throughout your retirement journey. 

They’ll answer questions about your investments and provided guidance on other financial topics life throws your way.

We support you every step of the way.

We help you plan for the future with interactive retirement planning tools, checklists and educational content -- sent right in your inbox. Principal also provides complimentary, ongoing education for all your financial needs.

Phone displaying a message. A planning document showing a checklist of items.


Total annualized program fee is .85% of your account balance. There is no additional investment expense in addition to this fee. Other systematic managed account programs may only display the managed account fee. The Principal® SimpleInvest program fee represents both the account manage fee and the underlying investment expenses.(2)

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  1. The subject matter in this communication is educational only and provided with the understanding that Principal® is not rendering legal, accounting, or tax advice. You should consult with appropriate counsel or other advisors on all matters pertaining to legal, tax, or accounting obligations and requirements.

  2. Please refer to Principal Advised Services’ Form ADV 2A (PDF) for additional information regarding fees and compensation.


Principal® SimpleInvest is a discretionary investment advisory program that offers diversified investment portfolios for a fee. Principal® SimpleInvest is sponsored and managed by Principal Advised Services, LLC, which consults with Principal Global Investors, LLC in the creation of the portfolios and the selection of the underlying portfolio investments. Trading and execution services provided by RobustWealth, Inc.  Principal Advised Services, LLC, Principal Global Investors, LLC, and RobustWealth, Inc. are members of the Principal Financial Group®. Brokerage and custodial services provided by Apex Clearing Corporation, member FINRA, NYSE and SIPC.  Apex Clearing Corporation is not affiliated with any member of the Principal Financial Group®. Principal® SimpleInvest portfolios are comprised primarily of Principal® products, including affiliated mutual funds and ETFs. 

Please refer to the Form ADV (PDF) and Form CRS (PDF) for Principal Advised Services, LLC, the Miscellaneous Fee Schedule (PDF) for Apex Clearing Corporation, and other applicable disclosures and agreements for important information about Principal® SimpleInvest and its services, fees and related conflicts of interest.  All investments have inherent risks. Investing in Principal® SimpleInvest portfolios does not guarantee profit or protect against loss.

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