Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

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What is an OCIO?

In today’s complex investment environment, an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) can take on the fiduciary responsibility for your organization’s investment portfolio—managing assets, navigating market volatility, and optimizing portfolio performance to help reach your desired goals. An OCIO lets you delegate investment decisions efficiently, enhances governance, and saves you time so you can attend to other priorities.

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Your trusted fiduciary

As a discretionary trustee or investment manager, Principal Global Advisors (PGA) takes on the highest level of fiduciary responsibility available in investment management. That level of responsibility requires your trust, something we strive to earn and value above all else. That’s why our dedicated and experienced team will work with you to develop a fully customized investment strategy that delivers confidence.

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Strategic investment management

Striving to reach your investment goals—even in the face of market turbulence—is dependent on knowing your objectives. PGA takes the time up front to identify and understand your higher-level strategy and assets before putting plans in motion.

Competitively priced portfolios

We build in efficiencies—both operationally and from an investment selection standpoint—that help keep our portfolios cost-competitive and drive down your overall costs without compromise to goals or performance. Plus, we provide full fee transparency with no out-of-scope billing.

  • All-inclusive single rate fee structure
  • Manage underlying investment expense ratios
  • Cost-effective collective investment trust investment options
  • Competitive liability-driven investing (LDI) solutions

Custom-built investment solutions

You should never settle for a solution that “mostly fits.” With the largest breadth of services in the industry, PGA can customize and combine your OCIO services with other tailored services from Principal® to give you an investment package that can check all the boxes.

  • Actuarial consulting
  • Administrative services
  • Risk management
  • Asset management
  • Investment management
  • Pension plan termination strategy
  • Pension risk transfer
  • Trust and custody services

Let Principal® support you across these areas of investment

OCIO services built for you

We’ve worked with clients from all areas and develop custom portfolios to help meet each client’s goals, cash flows, risk budgets, and return objectives. Whether it’s a defined benefit retirement plan, endowment, foundation, corporate reserve, or rabbi trust, we’ll collaborate with you to determine an appropriate course of action while supporting your individual values and goals.

  • Asset and liability studies
  • Custodial services
  • Discretionary investment management oversight
  • Disbursement processing
  • Integration of ESG considerations
  • Investment manager search, selection, and monitoring
  • Investment policy design and ongoing maintenance
  • Online portfolio access
  • Portfolio and cashflow modeling
  • Quarterly performance reporting
  • Service benchmarking

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Diversified investment experience

Tackling complex investment needs requires a seasoned team of professionals. Our Principal Global Advisors (PGA) team has a 30+ year track record of handling a broad range of complex investment needs and creating customized asset allocations. And as the investment manager, PGA will assume responsibility for the entire investment process.

Top 20 provider of U.S. outsourced assets with nearly $30B AUM1

Team consisting of 60+ investment professionals serving nearly 700 clients2

Efficient, flexible service through an open-architecture approach

Experience managing client mandates with specific ESG requirements

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1Pensions and Investments, CIO Outsourcing special report, July 2022.

2As of Dec. 31, 2021. Other asset management entities of Principal Financial Group® includes Principal Bank®, assets managed by segments of the insurance company and sub-advised assets within the Retirement and Income Solutions (RIS) segment.

Principal Global Advisors is a specialized investment management group within Principal Global Investors®. Principal Global Investors leads global asset management at Principal®.

Custody and trust services are provided by Principal Bank®, Member FDIC, and/or Principal Trust Company®. These services are provided under the trade name Principal® Custody Solutions, a division of Principal Bank. Principal Trust Company is a trade name of Delaware Charter Guarantee & Trust Company.

When Principal Custody Solutions is providing investment management services, Principal Custody Solutions serves as the investment manager or discretionary trustee but leverages the investment expertise of Principal Global Advisors. Customers may also contract directly with Principal Global Advisors for investment management services. In those instances, Principal Custody Solutions serves solely in a custodial or trustee capacity. Please refer to your underlying service agreements for details.

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