How we care about the environment

Principal takes its responsibility to support our natural environment seriously. Our concern for the environment is an extension of our core value of Integrity.

While we've pursued sustainable efforts for years, Principal formalized its commitment in 2008 by establishing a sustainability committee consisting of cross-functional team members whose purpose is to advocate for environmental responsibility throughout the organization. In 2015 we furthered that commitment by adopting an Environmental Policy.

Environmental awards & recognition

In recognition of our environmental efforts, Principal Financial Group and our Principal Real Estate Investors division have earned many awards and recognition from many different organizations.

Investing responsibly

Over the years, we have shown that with environmentally responsible investing it’s possible to do well by doing good. Principal Real Estate Investors have helped achieve the triple bottom line, improve their profits long term, while protecting the planet and creating properties in which people will want to work and live.

Environmental leadership

At Principal, our concern and support for the natural environment is an extension of our core value of integrity. We advocate — and take action — for environmental responsibility across the organization through conservation of resources, recycling and other sustainability initiatives.

Environmental goals and results

Principal is committed to minimizing our environmental impact by reducing our carbon footprint, ensuring efficient use of water and energy, implementing comprehensive recycling and waste management programs, and engaging our employees and supply chain through environmental awareness initiatives.

Paper management

Paper is a big part of our business at Principal Financial Group®, our Print-to-Mail facility printed more than 369 million pages in 2012. Thanks to our sustainability efforts more than 99.7 percent of the paper we used had sustainable forestry certifications.

Supporting our environment

Principal takes its responsibility to support our natural environment seriously, it is our mission to reduce our company’s overall environmental impact.

2016 Corporate Social Responsibility report

Find out what steps we, and our 15,000 employees across the world, took to help those around us in building stronger communities and empowering people to take positive financial actions. Our 2016 report will highlight some of the ways we did this.