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Working apart.
Staying connected.

Graphic depicting a line connecting dots.

Sharing screens—and goals.

The last year changed where we work and how we work. By living our core values, digital transformation was in full swing. This wasn’t a total reinvention of workplace culture but a reaffirmation of our ongoing investment in the right people, policies, and technology to build a globally connected work environment.

Keeping personal connections when it matters most.

More than
90% of our


employees worldwide quickly
transitioned to working remotely.

Graphic of a globe.

Employee safety remains our priority no matter where our jobs may take us. We continue to look out for each other's well-being even when working apart.

In 2020 we remotely onboarded more than 1,600 new employees.

We remotely onboarded more than 1,600 new employees, including two members of the executive management group, and appointed two board members.

In 2020 more than 2,100 employees enrolled in our new global mentorship program.

More than 2,100 employees, representing 12% of our global workforce, enrolled in our new global mentorship program to build internal connections through career coaching and networking.

In 2020 Principal had 11 companywide virtual town hall meetings.

Eleven companywide virtual town hall meetings—complementing CEO Dan Houston’s weekly emails—helped ensure that Principal stayed connected, responded to crucial employee feedback, and kept daily business on track.

We did it all without compromising our ability to serve our customers— our top business priority, always.

Thanks to our preparation, we were there when customers called. Customers in the U.S. who contacted Principal with questions about their retirement plan said the representative listened and recognized their needs and goals and provided information in a way that was easy to understand. Nearly nine out of 10 first-time callers said Principal resolved their inquiry.

Nine out of 10 employees, in a July 2020 companywide survey with a response rate of more than 70%, agreed Principal continued to serve customers well throughout the pandemic.