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2020 Annual Report


Undaunted by challenge, we embrace change.

As we reflect on 2020, there are many words to describe what was a tumultuous year. But we prefer this word: transformative.

We navigated the complexities of a global pandemic, social unrest, and a volatile marketplace. We persevered to connect, collaborate, and innovate. Today, we stand in support of each other and look forward to building a better tomorrow.

In 2020, we confronted one of the toughest years in living memory. Principal was ready with a balanced portfolio, flexible global workforce, and 141 years of experience in providing financial security. Together, we navigated volatility with timely insights and custom solutions for more than 34 million customers.

Dan Houston - chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer

From our CEO

It was a disruptive year, but we exist to overcome adversity. Our customers rely on us as a trusted partner for access to financial insights, guidance, and products.

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Dan Houston’s message.

Graphic depicting a financial journey.

A financial partner you can count on.

From a position of strength and stability, we help millions of individuals, businesses, and institutions to navigate their financial journeys.

How we inspire

Graphic depicting a line connecting dots.

New ways to work, new connections.

Principal in 2020 operated with the most physically scattered workforce in company history—yet in many ways we became only more united.

How we work

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Here for you every single day.

In this volatile moment, we’ve continued to guide our customers to solid financial footing with clear insight and flexible solutions.

How we improve
financial access.

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Building a better world.

We exist to promote a more sustainable, inclusive, and financially secure future for people and businesses around the globe.

How we uplift
communities (ESG).

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