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Our stability and insight builds financial confidence.

Graphic depicting a financial journey.

Diversified and steady through volatility.

The pandemic triggered economic volatility. We stood ready with a diversified and disciplined business model to navigate the uncertainty.

Principal entered 2020 in one of the strongest financial positions in our company’s history.

This gave us a solid foundation to effectively navigate the crisis and seamlessly meet the evolving needs of individuals, businesses, and institutions.

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Strong capital and
liquidity position

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A diversified mix of retirement, insurance, and asset management solutions

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A high-quality, balanced investment portfolio

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Some of the strongest financial strength ratings in the financial services industry

Total company net cash flow of $14 billion in 2020 was an outstanding result during a volatile and difficult year. This was a testament to our robust distribution network, strong investment performance, demand for our solutions and services, and our flexible digital solutions.

Graphic stating that in 2020 we had 34.5 million customers around the world.


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Excess and
available capital


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Dividends per share


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Assets under
management (AUM)

As of year-end 2020

Providing accessible financial resources when and where customers need confidence.

To help our customers navigate the uncertainty of 2020, we offered a library of insightful content and resources across a variety of channels to support our customers on their terms. Articles, videos, podcasts, thought leadership, virtual events, and more are available online for all our customers.

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In 2020, our economists and industry experts contributed their perspectives to more than 15,000 news stories about the economy, retirement security, and other financial issues. More than two-thirds of those stories analyzed the implications of COVID-19.

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Our financial professionals help clients prepare for uncertain times as well as planned milestones, such as business expansion or retirement. To persevere with this deeply personal work in a virtual setting, we enabled our financial professionals with technology and responsive resources that could help their clients adjust to the nuances of building and maintaining trust, confidence, privacy, and convenience online. Together, we collaborated to help guide customers through the individual and business implications of COVID-19.

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We continue to empower employees and customers with data and technology to inform sound financial decisions. For example, this year we introduced a digital dashboard that leverages data analytics to provide our distribution team in Principal Global Investors with a wealth of internal and third-party information about financial professionals in the U.S., including their firm associations and product offerings. This helps our sales team better identify client needs and opportunities and reach the right professionals with the right products at the right time.

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In our international markets, we launched and refined several new productivity tools, such as Principal Cloud in Chile, Principal Direct Access in Malaysia, and IPA (Personal Account) in Hong Kong to better enhance the experience of our sales professionals as they continue to grow their business and provide service to customers.

Our years of investment in digital consumer experience provided the foundation for rapid, differentiated innovation in 2020 as more business shifted online. This will continue to drive long-term value and convenience for our customers.