Tate's Story On Benefits, People, and Leadership

Photo of Tate Golightly.

As an IT business analyst, I gather the requirements and information from various business partners to define and modify our internal and external reporting systems to improve our computer applications and systems. My previous position as an application analyst helped me prepare for my future role as a business analyst. I had great exposure to IT and a number of applications and systems which I continue to benefit from in my current role.

Earlier in my career, I was called to active duty with my Army National Guard unit. This included a year and a half military leave of absence from Principal. During my deployment, my co-workers sent me numerous care packages and stayed in touch with e-mails, letters and cards. Following my deployment, my leadership team sat down with me to discuss my interests and where I'd like to go next in my career. So many companies can talk about their benefits, people and leadership. But, few can compare to Principal. Here, people care about you and they're here to help each other while in the process of making the company better for customers, financial representatives and employees.