Christina's Story On Growth and Development

My first internship I was just out of my freshman year of college and had randomly chosen MIS as a major. Every summer at Principal has confirmed that I chose the right major, and that IT is really fun. But it’s also expanded my knowledge of the various disciplines within IT. I found out that I really like User Experience (UX), which I didn’t even know existed before coming to Principal. That and the Code Jam encouraged me to take a web development class last semester. The VIP program is the perfect way to explore and develop career aspirations!

All three of my internship experiences have caused me to love Principal more—their vision to continue welcoming innovation, expanding the incredible intern program, and providing growth opportunities to employees and customers.

I fall in love with Principal more and more each summer I come back!


Christina's background

Photo of Christina Ling.

Community College/University attended: Iowa State University

Major/Minor/Emphasis of study: Major: Management Information Systems (MIS); Minors: Chinese, Spanish

The best or worst thing that happened during their internship at Principal: The best thing that has happened is my dream of traveling for business came true by getting the opportunity to go to the Monterrey, Mexico location.

Experiences with other employees during their internship: I always meet the nicest, most talented and hard-working individuals at Principal. Everyone encourages me to grow and continue embracing opportunities and challenges as they come. Even all of the interns are people who I enjoy spending time with and work well with. My Code Jam team was awesome!