Javier's Story On Finding Success

As a Hispanic Market Program Manager, I manage the roll out and implementations of culturally relevant education programs to our US Hispanic workforce and help them make informed decision on their retirement savings plan.

As an immigrant to the US, my primary motivation has been to be successful. At first, success meant being able to help my parents back in Colombia and make them proud. While this is still true, success today means working for a company that provides growth opportunities, working in a role that utilizes my skill set yet challenges me, and being a role model to other Hispanics. Principal has provided me the path to be able to reach these goals through various positions.

Javier's background

Photo of Javier Pena.

Community College/University attended: Jorge Tadeo Lozano University - Bogotá, Colombia

Major/Minor/Emphasis of study: Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade – Export & Import, Graduate Certificate in Marketing, Graduate level courses in Business Administration (University of Iowa)

Length of time working at Principal: 11 Years

Current position and department: Hispanic Market Program Manager, Corporate Marketing

Traits which would allow someone to be successful in this career and/or company: Passion, willingness to collaborate, open to learn, adapting to changes and interpersonal skills (internal & external).