Benefits of Benefits

Benefits of benefits

Real stories of businesses and benefits


How employee benefits can change lives: Featuring Renteria Vineyard Management

The company works hard for her by providing the security of good benefits, says Carina de la Cruz, so she works hard for them.

5 ways this business leaned into employee benefits to recruit in a competitive market


Build a better future through benefits: Featuring Bob's Red Mill

Employees focused on steady career growth work alongside caring human resources professionals managing quality benefits.

See 5 ways this Principal client flexes benefits

Bob's Red Mill employee, Michael Hall

Crystal Granger (left), senior benefits administrator, and Michael Hall (right), warehouse supervisor for Bob’s Red Mill

Why benefits matter

Every business runs on people—and may run more efficiently when those people feel financially secure and empowered to grow in their careers.

Customize your support to match what employees need. Benefits may be more affordable than you think.

Principal® Benefit Design Tool

Compare your offerings to organizations of similar size, industry, and region.

Bob's Red Mill

Eric Ruppel, assistant warehouse manager for Bob’s Red Mill

Security is a great feeling.


Featuring Bob's Red Mill

Company founder Bob Moore saw the long-term value in quality benefits, helping generations of employees build financial security.

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Retain employees with good benefits.

More than 70% of business owners see employee benefits as a critical tool to improve retention.*

Income protection, group insurance, a retirement plan, and other benefits help employees to feel more secure and businesses to become an employer of choice.

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*2022 Principal Business Owner Insights survey of 1,018 small and midsize businesses (fewer than 500 employees), January 2022, conducted by Dynata.

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