Paid family and medical leave & state disability insurance

Keeping up with changes in federal and state laws regarding family and medical leave can be a challenge. Principal® is here to offer support.

Understanding types of family and medical leave

There are many reasons why an employee may need time away from work—recovering from an illness, bonding with a baby, or caring for an injured service member—to name just a few. As an employer, it’s important you know the types of family and medical leave your employees may be eligible to use.

Time off under these programs may or may not run concurrently based on qualification and requirements under each program.

The number of states offering paid family and medical leave continues to grow. That’s why it’s important to understand which states offer paid family and medical leave—and/or state disability insurance—and the highlights of each program.

Select the state to learn more about its paid family and medical leave and/or state disability insurance program.

How do paid family and medical leave and state disability insurance programs work?

If eligible, an employee files a claim for their state’s program. Once the claim is approved, the employee then fulfills the elimination period (the amount of time before benefits are available). Then the employee begins to receive benefits.

It’s important employees understand paid family and medical leave or state disability insurance:

  • Covers a portion of their income—referred to the benefit percentage.
  • Provides a maximum weekly benefit.
  • Ends after the maximum benefit payment period is reached.

Specific regulations regarding these programs vary by state.

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