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Maryland paid family and medical leave

Maryland paid family and medical leave

Beginning July 1, 2026, most Maryland workers will be eligible for paid family and medical leave under Maryland’s Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) law.

PFML is available to covered individuals who work in Maryland. This includes individuals who have worked 680 hours in the 12 months prior to leave.

An employer may opt out of the state program by having a state-approved voluntary plan.

Key features

Coverage options

State plan or state-approved voluntary private plan

Funding begins July 1, 2025

  • Premiums are .9% of wages to the Social Security cap
  • <15 lives, employee pays 50% of premium and only the employee portion is due to the state
  • 15+ lives, employer and employee split cost- 50% employer, 50% employee

Waiting period

0 days

Benefit (begins July 1, 2026)

Weekly benefit is calculated at 90% of employees’ average weekly wages—up to 65% of the state’s current average weekly wage. 

Plus, employees receive 50% of their average weekly wages that are above 65% of the state’s current average weekly wage.

Maximum benefit

$1,000 per week effective January 1, 2025

Benefit duration (within a 52 consecutive week period)

  • Combined paid family and medical leave – 12 weeks
  • An additional 12 weeks of leave can be added for an employee who qualifies for both their own serious health condition and bonding with a child.


Get more information from the state of Maryland.

Principal® will offer a solution


Principal will begin quoting Maryland PFML plans by the end of 2024. Our state-approved voluntary private plan will be available when you have other group insurance products with us.

You can be assured Principal is committed to offering a private plan that meets your obligation under the paid family and medical leave law as a Maryland employer. Our fully insured product is available to employers who offer at least one other qualifying, insured Principal product (group term life*, dental, vision, or long-term disability) and have 10 or more employees working in Maryland.

Get more information about the private plan solution from Principal.  

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