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Oregon paid family and medical leave

Oregon paid family and medical leave

Most Oregon workers are eligible for paid family and medical leave under Oregon's Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) law, which began September 3, 2023.   

PFML is available to covered individuals who work in Oregon. This includes individuals who have earned $1,000 or more in the previous year.
Federal employers and tribal governments are not included.  Self-employed individuals can opt into the program.

Key features

Coverage options

State plan or state-approved voluntary private plan

Funding begins January 1, 2023

State funding will not be greater than 1% of wages to $132,900

Elimination period

0 days

Benefit (begins September 3, 2023)

  • 100% of average weekly wage up to 65% of state’s average weekly wage plus
  • 50% of average weekly wage over 65% of state’s average weekly wage

Maximum benefit

$1,523.63 per week (effective 9/3/2023)

Benefit duration (within a 52 consecutive week period)

Combined 12 weeks paid for medical or family leave; 2 additional weeks for pregnancy, childbirth, or related circumstances


Get more information from the State of Oregon.

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We’re here to help by offering a state-approved voluntary private plan. When you have other group insurance products with us, it’s easy to add this solution. Plus, you get the same top-level service that comes with any of our products. You can be assured Principal is committed to offering a private plan that meets your obligation under the paid family and medical leave law as an Oregon employer. Our fully insured product is available to employers who offer at least one other qualifying, insured Principal product (group term life*, dental, vision, or long-term disability) and have 10 or more employees working in Oregon.

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