Washington DC paid family leave

Key features

Coverage options

State plan only


  • Quarterly employer payroll tax
  • 0.62% of covered employees’ total wages

Elimination period

7 days


(Begins July 1, 2020)

  • 90% of employee’s average weekly wage up to $840, plus
  • 50% of employee’s average weekly wage above $840
  • Maximum benefit

    $1,000 per week (annually adjusted starting October 1, 2021)

    Benefit duration

    • 8 weeks for parental leave
    • 6 weeks for family leave
    • 2 weeks for medical leave

    Washington D.C. Paid Family Leave is only available through the D.C. Office of Paid Family Leave.

    Get more information from the Government of the District of Columbia.

    This summary is provided for general information purposes only. This information was derived from public sources and may be subject to change. For details, contact the Washington, D.C. Office of Paid Family Leave.