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Giving back to the community is a part of our corporate culture and a direct extension of who we are.

Principal® and the Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc., have embraced corporate responsibility by making philanthropic investments in the communities where our employees work and live. That’s why we’ve created the Community Grant Program.

Want to know more about how we give back? Start by reading our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

What’s new?

With the launch of our new technology we have a much more efficient way of handling giving and volunteerism. All applications, grant reports, volunteerism, giving, and reporting are now electronic. No more email, scanning, or hard copying applications!

To get started with the application process please review the nonprofit portal guide (PDF) where our new technology, YourCause, will help guide you through the process.

We also have some additional helpful resources as you are getting started and throughout the application process:

Focus area and application deadlines for 2018 annual grants

Our dates for 2017 Grant deadlines have expired but we look forward to you applying next year.

If you experience any issues with the applications please try using Google Chrome as your browser instead.

Financial Security: March 15, 2018 (Central Iowa only)

  • By investing in organizations, programs and concepts that create positive behavior we help individuals achieve financial security
  • To apply for a Financial Security grant, use this application:

Talent Focused Education: June 15, 2018 (Central Iowa only)

  • We partner with select schools and educational organizations who help create a pipeline for our workforce needs and talent
  • To apply for a Talent Focused Education grant, use this application:

Strong Communities: September 15, 2018 (Central Iowa only)

All Non-Central Iowa Organizations​: June 15, 2018

What types of support do we provide?

  • Annual Grants
    • A competitive process focused on providing funds for General Operating or Program support
    • To learn more about the grant focus areas, deadlines, and to apply review the details above
  • In-kind donations
    • Provides goods and/or services
    • Applications will be available in the fall
  • Sponsorship
    • Refers to funding that focuses on employee branding and branding opportunities, community branding, diversity and inclusion and quality of life events
    • Applications will be available in the fall
  • Major Gifts
    • Requests of $100,000 or more that are in alignment with our focus areas
    • Application deadlines are March 15, June 15, and September 15

Match Giving

Don’t forget about match giving. After looking at the grant guidelines and eligibility (PDF) you may decide that partnering with us in our match giving efforts aligns better with your organization. This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with Principal employees through board service, individual volunteering and team volunteering.  Our new programs allow us to go beyond good!  See below for all the details.

Match giving opportunities

Board Service Matching

  • This honors our employees that serve on boards by creating a 1:1 match policy up to $1,500 annually. If you sit on a board of more than one nonprofit you can split the $1,500 between a maximum of two organizations a year.
  • Dual eligibility is offered when employees participate in both Board Service Matching and the United Way. They can apply for both matching gift programs on a single donation. There is a cap on the amount of matching donations.

Individual Volunteer Grants

  • After an individual volunteer for 25 hours, the organization receives $250. ($1000 annual max)

Team Volunteer Grants

  • A group of 5 or more employees, 3 of which must be full time, create a team to focus on a project. The organization is awarded $500 by the Principal Foundation after they volunteer for 5 hours. A maximum of 4 teams can apply for each volunteer program. This is a first come first serve initiative and will max out at 500 teams.

United Way

  • We will continue to allow donor designations and match employee giving to the United Way on a 1:1 basis up to $250,000. Dual eligibility is offered when employees participate in both the United Way and Board Service Matching. They can apply for both matching gift programs in a single donation.


We leverage the power of our 15,000 global employees to support programs, organizations and ideas that create societal impact.  How do we support our employees?  Through paid time-off to volunteer, by creating match giving opportunities so they can contribute even more to their passion and by incorporating new technology that simplifies the process of creating an event and organizing volunteers. You can find more on our nonprofit portal guide (PDF).


For more information about the company's charitable contributions program or the Principal Financial Group Foundation, Inc., contact:

Carrie Clogg
Global Grants and Partnerships
Domestic Grants and Partnerships outside of Iowa

Brianne Sanchez
Match Giving and Board Engagement
Grants for Talent-Focused Higher Education

Sara Terpstra
Volunteer Engagement and Community Events

Rachel Woodhouse
Domestic Grants and Partnerships within Iowa