Kristi's Story On the Value Of Teamwork

As a Director in Retirement And Investor Services, I'm responsible for creating simple and intuitive tools and resources that help people understand how much they need to save for retirement at The Principal. I'm part of a team that is challenged each day to be innovative in the way we reach our participants. We have a lot of deliverables and the pace is fast, but we balance them with having a lot of fun which is important to me.

I like knowing we can make a difference even if it's one participant at a time. Over the years it has become less about the title I hold and more about having strong leadership and being part of a team that is driven each day to do good work. 


Kristi's background

Community College/University attended: University of Iowa

Major/Minor/Emphasis of study: Political Science

Length of time working at The Principal: 21 Years

Current position and department: Senior Employee Benefit Specialist, US Insurance Solutions 

Traits which would allow someone to be successful in this career and/or company: First and foremost you have to be passionate about what you do. Your passion/likes may change over time and you should seek opportunities that align as they change. I think building a good network both inside and outside the company is also important.