Dala's Story On Leveraging Experience

My primary role as Assistant Director of Principal International is to work with our Principal International member companies to help identify areas where costs can be reduced and/or service and quality increased. Most of my career at The Principal has been in the retirement business either in the US or Internationally.

Working with developing countries is absolutely fascinating from a personal, cultural, and business perspective. I love learning and growing, and I’m happiest when I’m able to offer some sort of help or insight and leverage my retirement industry experience.


Dala's background

Community College/University attended: Iowa State University

Major/Minor/Emphasis of study: Business Marketing

Length of time working at The Principal: 25 Years

Current position and department: Assistant Director, Principal International

Traits which would allow someone to be successful in this career and/or company: Sensitivity and knowledge of cultural aspects of the country from a business and people perspective. Ability to influence, facilitate, negotiate, and consult. Must be able to conceptualize, understand problems and their organizational impact. Ability to be adaptable, flexible, and maintaining big picture thinking.