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9 things your employees are thinking that may surprise you

Staying on top of employee sentiment is hard work, but businesses have many options to help recognize and narrow their perception gaps.

A group of employees discussing their preferences of benefits.
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A reliable rule of thumb is that first you must recognize a problem before you can hope to solve it.

Recent Principal® research highlights persistent perception gaps between businesses and employees.1 For example, results show that business leaders may not recognize the level of demand for certain types of employee benefits among workers. They also may have a different mindset for concerns such as retention or mental health. One-fifth of employees say their business does nothing to retain workers.1

One area where businesses and employees agree? A fluid labor market. Among employees, 86% say that as many as nearly half (49%) of their colleagues are looking for another job, compared to a similar 80% of employers.1 That only adds urgency to recognizing and alleviating the gaps between what you think your employees want ... and what they actually want.

Might any of these nine differences ring true for your business?


Table showing employee perception



Table showing employee concerns


What’s next?

  • A financial professional for business can help you determine benefits that better match what your employees want. Don’t have a financial professional? Let us help you find one.